Tuesday, January 25, 2011

American Idol Talk

American Idol has been a favorite show of mine since the end of Season 1.  I didn't know about it until they were down to the last three, that first season, but I haven't missed hardly an episode since! 

As many fans did, I went into this season 10 a little skeptical.  No Simon (let alone Ellen or Kara)??  How could this work?  Who would tell us who we should love or hate?  Who would say, "If I'm being honest...." or "It was a bit self-indulgent" like our tee shirt wearing Brit? 

Thankfully, I'm happy to say I loved the new judges.  J-Lo really surprised me with only taking one night to find her "no" voice!  She has a backbone, and doesn't seem to mind using it!  She won me over.  And, my gosh, that girl is gorgeous!!

Steven Tyler is a trip.  Love that guy!  I love his high pitched "Aaaaaaah!" that he throws out when he gets excited.  Love his drumming on the table when they sing a peppy tune.  Yep-love him.  I think he is a breath of fresh air, and I think he will help make this season awesome!!

And, Randy. Well, he's the Dog.  Not much different from the previous nine go-rounds, but even he has a bit of a spring in his step.

Another thing I'm wildly happy about...... a one hour show, in which we see more GOOD singers than SCARY ones!  I can take a montage or two with off-pitch, monotone, costume-wearing freaks, but I'm watching the show to form early favorites, hear new, raw talent, and enjoy myself!

And, I would much rather listen to this guy.....

....than this guy.   

So, happy watching!!  I'll come back each week and break it down.......because

This. Is. American Idol.

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