Thursday, March 10, 2011

13 Becomes 12 - A Quickish Summary

Ok, so the show was finally only an hour.  So, since they cut it quick, so will I!  You're welcome.

Ryan tells us that 30 million votes came in.  Also, the judges will use the Idol Save again.  It can be used to veto America's poor judgement one time between contestant #13 and #6.  Once we get down to 5 kiddos, the Save cannot be used if it hasn't already.  It was inacted a few seasons ago in case we ever overlook someone like what happened to Chris Daughtry the year he should've won.

After showing us the Idol Mansion the kids will live in, we start the GROUP SONG.   You either love it, or you hate it.  I usually love it.  Michael Jackson is featured.  The boys and girls dance and lip-sync their way through MJ's "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'", "Rock With You", "Black or White", and "Man in the Mirror".  Most of the solos are good, save for one by Stefano that was a little wonky.  Good compilation.

Next is the Ford Commercial.  This time we focus on.......the Ford Focus.  Cute vid.  It can be seen on the website, if you'd like.  The kids are peeling-off and rolling-on wallpaper, creating a stage for them to sing on.  All the while, driving around in gold, red and white Ford Focuses. 

Last of the fluff, we see the gang go to the premiere of Amanda Seyfried's "Red Riding Hood". 

Now, DIM THE LIGHTS.  Here we go.

Karen is the first contestant to move to the STOOL OF SHAME.  Jacob and Stefano are safe.

Adam Lambert sings his new song, "Aftermath".  This is an acoustic version.  With the exception of one obnoxious run, I liked it.  He says a dance mix of the song is available also, and proceeds go to the Trevor Project and It Gets Better Campaign. 

Ryan gets Lauren Alaina to apologize and cry over her performance last night, before sending her back to the couches, safe.

The other two girls on the stage, Ashthon and Haley, are the other two sent to the STOOLS OF SHAME.  Ryan declares that everyone else is SAFE.  Ok, weird.  But, good for them. 

Diddy Dirty Money is performing next, featuring Skyler Grey.  I like Skyler, but I can pass on the DDM part, especially Ms. Black and her funky-hair-a, and Ms. White's straight-jacket dress.  No words.  P-Diddy does his thang, and he gives advice to the kids. 

FINALLY: Dim the Lights!
Karen, you are here for another week.
The one who may be eliminated tonight is.......Ashthon.  Haley is safe. 
Ashthon sings the Diana Ross song from last night, but it falls short and the judges do not use the Save on her. 
Ashthon sees her goodbye video, and the tears flow.

So, was your favorite spared??  Or was your money on Ashthon??  Tune in next week to see the kids, and then come here for the wrap-up.  Thanks for stopping by!!

That's All I Know!


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