Monday, March 7, 2011

Your American Idol Top 13!

You can cut the tension with a knife!  Tonight, we are letting up to 12 kids go at once. 

We see the Semi-Circle Couch of Grace on stage left, while the boys and girls are separated on stools. 

The judges are introduced, and Ryan chit-chats with them about what we should expect tonight.  America has voted for the Top 5 boys and the Top 5 girls.  The judges will then have some of the leftovers "sing for their lives".  Apparently, if you are not chosen by America or the judges, you will be executed out back at the end of the show by the producers.  Alrighty-then.

Dim the Lights, and away we go!

Scotty McCreery and Robbie Rosen are called up first.  Ok, I'm already on edge.  They can't give 2 spots away bang, zoom, right off the bat.  So, that means someone I like is already on the chopping block!  Stress, people.  Roll footage on both of their journeys thus far, and Scotty is told he is safe, and he moseys over to the Couch of Grace.   Robbie has not made the Top 10.  Boo. 

Jordan Dorsey, Clint Jun Gamboa and Jovany Barreto are finding out their fate next.  Jordan and Clint are told..........that karma sucks and they are not in America's Top 5 boys.  !!  Jovany is also not joining Scotty on the Couch.  They all have the chance to be saved by the judges in a bit, though. 

We leave the boys, and go to the girls.  Roll footage on their journeys with AI.  Pia Toscano and Lauren Alaina are up.  They were given Pimp Spots, being last and next to last.  They have both been heavily focused on in early shows.  Lauren Alaina is our first girl in the Top 5!  Pia joins her on the Couch, because she has made America's cut also! 

Next, Ryan calls on Ta-Tynisa Wilson and Julie Zorilla.  Both had wonky performances this week....I don't think it looks good for either one.  This is the end of the line for both of them.

Kendra Chantelle, Ashthon Jones, and Karen Rodriguez come centerstage.  Ashthon is told she is not in the Top 10.   Karen Rodriguez has made it to the Couch!  America has not chosen Kendra...she scoots back to the stools. 

Back to the boys.  Jacob Lusk, Casey Abrams, and Tim Halperin come up.  I don't think we have any surprises here.  Jacob & Casey are AI darlings already, and Tim was pretty forgettable in comparison this week.  Casey and Jacob are IN the top 10!  Sadly, Tim is told he is not. 

Flip flopping again back to the girls, Naima Adedapo, Lauren Turner and Thia Megia join Ryan.  I loved all of these, but we are running out of places.  Naima and LT are not in the Top 5 girls.  Thia is in though!  She joins the others on the Couch.

Next up for the guys are Brett Loewenstern and Paul McDonald.  These two were about equal in my book.  Brett is a young cutie, with a lot of personality and sparkle.  Paul is a seasoned vet in Nashville with a completely different style than we have seen here.  Paul is IN and Brett is OUT.

Last for the girls, we hear the fate of Haley Reinhart and Rachel Zevita.  Haley has the best hair, but is that enough to keep her in the competition?  And my son likes Rachel's sound a lot.  We will be seeing more of Haley!  Rachel is not in the Top 10.  Sorry, CJ. 

Last two boys, James Durbin and Stefano Langone await their fate.  Only one spot remains, and both of these boys deserve it.  James joins the other 9 on the Couch of Grace.  Stefano has not made America's Top 10. 

The judges would like to hear from 6 of our performers. 

They choose Ashthon first, and she decides to sing Jennifer Hudson's "And I Am Telling You".  Randy says he feels her passion.  Steven Tyler says she brought it.

Stefano is next, and he sings " I Need You Now" by Smokie Norful.  Jen says, "You have me shaking up did very well."

Kendall Chantelle is chosen next, and she repeats "Georgia On My Mind".  Randy tells her that it started slow, but you rocked it at the end."

Jovany takes the stage, and sings "Angel" by Jon Secada, in English and Spanish.  Jen says he did a good job, and did all he could do.

Naima comes up next, and sings "For All We Know" by Bill Evans.  She breaks down at the end, almost too emotional to finish the song.  Steven says, "You came from deep down inside; you brought it to me."

Robbie Rosen is the final one chosen to "sing for his life".  He chooses "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word" by Elton John.  Randy tells him that it was very nicely done.  He says that this is so hard tonight.

After the break, and J-Lo's new video premiere, we hear the fate of the six who performed for the last places on the Couch. 

The judges seem to debate right up until the moment they revealed who they'd chosen.  They decide on Ashthon, Stefano and Naima to join the 10 on the couches. 

So, this is our Top 13 on American Idol:
Ashthon Jones
Casey Abrams
Haley Reinhart
Jacob Lusk
James Durbin
Karen Rodriguez
Lauren Alaina
Naima Adedapo
Paul McDonald
Pia Toscano
Scotty McCreery
Stefano Langone
and Thia Megia

Can't wait for next week! 

That's All I Know!!


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